Cuttable EasyPrint White 1702


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  • Prepare your design right-reading (DO NOT MIRROR) following the instruction of the printer manufacturer. NOTE: It is recommended to use OEM printer inks. Printable medias are very sensitive: always handle with care, preferably with gloves.
  • Set your printing temperature to 45°C and drying temperature to 50°C.
  • Use the adequate printing profile (for instance, with Roland COLORIP or VersaWorks, select the profile GENERIC VINYL 1, and we recommend to select the option MAX IMPACT).
  • Remove the product from the printer and wait for the complete drying of inks at room temperature, at least 4 hours.
  • Weed the excess material.
  • The use of application tape is optional. It is possible to transfer your design by hand or with a clear polyester application tape. Do not use a paper application tape.
  • Position and heat press your design on the garment protected by a silicone paper at 320°F–20 seconds – medium pressure.
  • If you used tape, peel peel it off when hot

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54 in x 22 yd, 30 in x 22 yd, 15 in x 5 yd, 12 in x 22 yd, 15 in x 22 yd, 20 in x 22 yd, 15 in x 55 yd, 12 in x 55 yd


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